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Passwords Although these pages are viewable from any location, that has not been specifically banned, most features are reserved for registered members only. Instant online sign up is accomplished by providing a User ID and your valid email address. New members are automatically emailed a randomly produced password. This helps keep our system secure. You can change to a user friendly password by clicking Chg Password. Choose a combination number and letters and do not give out your password. AuctionsAt the seller's option, auctions last 1, to 14 days from the listing of the item. Bidding automatically terminates at the end of the auction.
When the auction ends, the seller and high-bidder are notified via email. Auction results are also available for everyone to examine. These results indicate the final bid price and the seller's and high-bidder's email addresses. The complete bidding history is also available as a link from the page showing the item's description. The high-bidder and seller should contact each other within 3 business days of the end of the auction. A seller may contact the next-highest bidder if the seller is unable to conclude the transaction with the high-bidder within 3 business days. Therefore, high-bidders may lose their place as winning bidder if the high-bidder does not contact the seller within 3 business days of the end of the auction.
Bidding Before you make a bid, you should verify the item you're bidding on and the seller's honesty as best you can. If you have any questions about the item, email your questions to the seller. Make sure you clearly understand the shipping terms (who pays?), payment terms (can you pay by personal check? credit card? and so on) and other details.
You can place a bid when you are viewing the item you would like to bid on. Please bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. If necessary, bids will be automatically made on your behalf as other bidders increase the bid price, up to your maximum amount or the necessary preset bid increment to outbid other bidders. (All bidding is done with bid increments.)
By placing a bid, you are placing a legally-binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the item at any price up through your maximum bid amount. If your bid is accepted by the seller, then you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. Your failure to complete the transaction is a breach of the User Agreement and may be legally actionable by the seller. You must provide your Username with your bid.
Once you make and confirm a bid, you cannot retract it except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances include the seller materially changing the description of the item after your bid and clear typographical errors. Exceptional circumstances do not include bidding or winning a bid on another (perhaps similar) item, not having the budget to pay for an item, changing your mind, and so on. Please bid carefully!
Our system will automatically email you, subject to the reliability of email, if your maximum bid is outbid by another bidder. However, you might be outbid minutes or seconds before the close of an auction, in which case you may not have the opportunity to place a new bid. Therefore, you should bid the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for the item when you make your first bid.
Buying an Item Call or email the seller to clarify the terms of shipping and insurance if you have not done so before the bid. Negotiate with the seller for escrow, sales tax, shipping fees, and payment terms. Pay promptly!
Selling an Item It's fun and easy to start your own auction. Simply fill out the form. Provide a short, descriptive title and provide a complete description of the item. You cannot use HTML tags in the title, but you may use HTML in your item's description. This means that you can link to pictures if you choose. All content linked to the item description must comply with the User Agreement.
You might want to consider setting the minimum bid for your item a little lower than you think the item will eventually be sold for, just to get the auction going. If your minimum bid is too high, people may not bid. However, keep in mind that the minimum price you specify indicates the minimum amount you will accept to sell the item.
You specify the bidding increment. Try to keep it low to encourage more people to bid.
By auctioning an item, you are irrevocably (except as described below) and legally committing to accept the high bid for the item (or the highest-bidder who does not renege). If you receive one or more bids above the minimum price you stated you would be willing to accept, then you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. Your failure to complete the transaction is a breach of the User Agreement and may be legally actionable by one or more of the bidders.
The seller has the right to cancel the transaction with any user with whom they are uncomfortable completing a transaction with.
You may place any merchandise up for auction that you have the right to sell, so long as it complies with the User Agreement. Please list your item in an appropriate category. You can advertise the existence of your auction with the URL:
Example: http://www.tat2.net/cgi-bin/auction/tat2bid.pl?art&907208167
where CATEGORY is the category sent to you in the email confirmations and where ITEM NUMBER is the item number assigned to your item.
In the description of your item, you should clarify any additional terms or expenses associated with the item, such as who will bear shipping and insurance expenses.
We and your bidders expect you to be truthful in your listings. Disappointed buyers are likely to leave you negative feedback.
Bidders or potential bidders may email you during the course of the auction. It's good business to respond to all inquiries promptly.
Notice of End of Auction/Account Status Once the auction is over, you will be notified via email. However, if you are bidding on an item, you are responsible for checking back at Tat2 Net Auction Bid to see if you have won. If you do not receive notice and think you are the top bidder, you need to check the auction status at Tat2 Net Auction Bid for the auction results. After the auction has ended the top bidder needs to contact the seller within three days. Likewise, you can check your account at any time online. The notice is a courtesy that we do for you.
Pricing Some guidelines regarding pricing:
First, we encourage sellers to set the minimum bid for their auction at the lowest fair price at which they are willing to sell their item.
Second, a seller may employ a reserve price auction. This allows the seller to set a price below which he or she does not agree to sell the item.
Reserve Prices Auctions may be run with reserve prices. The reserve price is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. The reserve price is not disclosed to bidders. A seller might specify a reserve price if he or she is unsure of the real value of the item and would like to be able to refuse to sell the item if the market value is below a certain price. During an auction, an annotation will be displayed in the item information screen if the seller has specified a reserve price.
The seller specifies the reserve price when he or she lists an item. This price should be above the minimum bid price. The auction begins at the minimum bid price. When a bidder's maximum bid is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the item's current price is raised to the reserve price. At this time, the item information will indicate the reserve price has been met. The bidder is also notified that his or her bid met the reserve.
Feedback We encourage all users to leave feedback about your trading partners. However, do not abuse the privilege of posting feedback about others.
User Information During your transactions, take the time to record the member information you obtain permission to use. That way, you can contact that member should you have questions regarding your transaction. Tat2 Net Auction Bid only gives out contact information to registered users for the safety of our members. Therefore, you should keep careful record of this information should you need to contact that member again.
Registration You must enter correct contact information to be a member of Tat2 Net Auction Bid. This is the information that will be available to registered users, so they may contact you regarding transactions.
Fraud Please contact members before you begin your transaction. Most fraud complaints tend to be misunderstandings about the product, shipping terms, or shipping addresses. You should clarify all of these elements before you bid, and definitely before you send money. However, fraud is a reality of doing business, both on and off the Web, and you should report it to the authorities if it happens in our community.
Illegal Items Some items are not legal to sell at Tat2 Bid Auctions. Please do not list an item that is illegal to sell.
Spam Members of Tat2 Net Auction Bid do not tolerate spam. Do not add a member's email address to your address book unless you have permission from that member. Spam is unsolicited, commercial email.
Defamation Please be careful of what you say about other people online.

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