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NTA Philly Convention 2002

The Zen of Airport Security and Tattoo Conventions

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Well Folks, my flying experience was pretty bad and I got here kinda late and I missed the contests and awards. I will find out how it went and post it later. The Tattoo Room is open though and there is some fantastic tattooing going on. I got a couple of pictures and I'll add more this afternoon.Well I didnt miss quite everything but dang near. The tattoo room was fairly busy from time to time. Shawn Anderson took me around the corner to a room full of Bert Grimm memorabilia, inclucing Acetates, acetate tracings, flash, and some really bitchin machines. What a treasure.

The hotel did not have our network connection working but we managed to get the webcam going on an itat2.com dialup account. It was cool, just signed up and we were online 10 minutes later. Thanks to Rusty Savage and Paul Massaro for letting us set up in their booth.

Hung out with Rusty and Paul a bit and talked to a few folks, like Bald Bill Henshaw, Johnny Opland, East Coast Al, The guys from Lola's in Jersey, Paul Booth and a ton of other folks. Paul Booth got his head tattooed last Halloween and man it's wild. Felix Leu designed the piece and Phillip tattooed it.

Well I know I didnt get much this time and I'm gonna think twice about flying next time.

Tat2 Artie....

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