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                 High Exposure Advertising That really Works!

Join our absolutely FREE Tat2 & BodyArt2 banner advertising system. Originally written as a paid advertising rotator that charges clients per exposure and clickthroughs, Tat2 LinkZ Exchange now offers unlmited exposures and clickthroughs for NO CHARGE! All you need is a website to advertise and an online graphic banner at 468w X 60h pixels, that is under 20K. If you do not have a banner graphic dont worry, for $50 dollars, we'll create one for you. Your ad will be seen on hundreds if not thousands of other web pages and each banner is a link directly back to your site, with a complete tracking system for verification and statistics.


            Why Use a Banner Exchange - Why should I show other sites banners on my Website?
Because the return exposure on your own banner (which clicks through to your website) is many times the exposure of other banners on your site. Each Exchange site cycles through the list of site banners once, with additional earned banner exposures based on the number of views of banners on all sites. By putting the banners on multiple pages of each site, the exposure rate becomes incrementially

You will earn additional banners shown once on every other website in the exchange for every one banner shown on your site. If you have exchange banners on, say, 5 of your pages - and if the average is 5 exchange banners on other member sites, equalling, say, 1500 pages - you could have your banner viewed up to 7500 times and potentially clicks to your site, for the 5 views of other banners on your own site.

This is based on the traffic of member sites and we have sites on the exchange that have over 20,000 page views a day. Remember these are the ADDITIONALLY EARNED views of your banner because the normal rotation is sequential - one right after the other, right down the list and the list is randomly reordered every 48 hours. With high volume of traffic on all of our member sites - that is a lot of exposure of your banner and potential clicks to your site.

The reach to new markets is exponential and all data is trackable.

When you log in you can track how many banners have been displayed on your site. How many times your banner has been displayed and on how many sites and how many times your banner was clicked to bring new visitors to your site, including IP addresses of those clicks.

Your website traffic is never diverted from your pages - all clicks will open a new page, leaving the visitor still on your page.

Overall, one of the best traffic boosters you can get for free and dont forget that search engines now use traffic as an algorythem for sorting search results.


Choose a password and user name that you will remember. You will then provide URLs for your banner and your website and then copy the code for your banner. Place the code on your main page to start the counts, you can add banners to other pages any time. Once our Tat2 Net  LinkZ Robot  verifies your code, your account will be activated. 


Enter with your username and password. Here you can view all your statistics for exposures and clickthroughs on your banner and see a list of IP hits. Change your password and other account information, including resetting your counters. You may also delete your account at any time through this link.

Tat2Net LinkZ Exchange

For new accounts choose NEW ACCOUNT where you will first set your password and contact info and then you'll be able to provide a URL to your banner (468 X 60 GIF format only) and URL to your website.

Once you have signed up, click Member ACCOUNT & STATISTICS and you can now view your statistics and make changes.

You'll see: Exposures - number of times your banner is viewed on other sites and Click Throughs - for number of times your banner was clicked and a visitor was brought to your site. Other stats available are daily, weekly and total logs for the above as well as an IP tracker for the previous 12 hour period.

The normal cycle is 1 exposure per rotation, starting with the first site at a 1/1 ratio. You will increase the frequency that your banner is viewed on other sites by the number of exposures you get on your pages that contain the banner code. You can do this by having a banner on your main or home page if that is where you get the most hits and you may use multiple banners if you put them on seperate pages.

Remember to change the page number for each banner displayed. You can edit your account from the admin account as well, change your password or reset your counters.


"The first day after I signed up, January 16th, I showed 80 banners on my site, my banner was seen 136 times and I had 63 clickthroughs to my website from other sites. This is better than advertising that I had to paid for."

- Rusty Savage
Studio Tattoo

"I was skeptical but here it is the first 3 days and I'm already averaging 110 banner exposures per day."

- Lyon King
21st Century Studio of Tattoo

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The only other requirement is to post the banner code on at least one page of your site, usually the entry page. Of course this will actually show an ad for someone else on your page, but the advantage you receive is much larger by doing so. Everyone with an ad shows banner code on their page. The system simply pulls up the next banner in the rotation for each new viewer that sees that page. But the system is also counting each time you show someone's ad and is crediting you with an extra showing of your own ad, for each ad seen on your site, during that rotation. If you have a busy site or have banner code on multiple pages, your banner can be seen 5 and even 10 fold more than just a straight banner rotator. Our system leaves nothing to the imagination and you can login and check banner exposures, clickthroughs (that means someone clicked the banner ad and was sent to your site) and even an IP log of the previous 12 hours of exposures and clickthroughs.

You need a 468 pixels wide X 60 pixels high Banner ad that is hosted online somewhere. This file should be in .GIF or .JPG format and must be under 15K (recommend you use a compression, like gifwizard or "Save for Web" option of Photoshop5.5) You can have up to 5 banners on your account. If you would like us to create your banner, the fee is $50. Email for banner creation.

You will receive the code to place banners on your web pages via email and you can also see it when you log in to the admin interface.

Although you do not have to put the banner code (you must at least have the graphic code) on your pages for your ads to display on other sites, you will not receive extra credits for additional exposures of your ad and others creating credits for themselves will cause your display ratio to decrease.

Remember, to increment page numbers for banners on multiple pages. The frequency of your own ad being shown on other websites is greatly increased by the number of ads viewed on your own pages and multiple banners can help increase your ads display ratio.

After you have submitted your account and have your banner code somewhere on your entry page, the Tat2 LinkZ Robot will scan your pages, usually within 24 hours. Once your banner code has been verified your account will be activated.

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Tat2 LinkZ Exchange

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