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WebMasters - You have been looking for an affiliate program to offset the cost of your Website and make you some money, WELL HERE IT IS! Now Tat2 Net & iTat2.Com will pay you $5 per sale from clicks from your affiliate Partner Banner. You will be able to see your, up to date, clicks, sales and payments from your password protected Partner Login Interface. Our banner never takes traffic from your site and works for you 24/7. Tat2 Net and iTat2 are the fastest growing Internet Community Services on the Internet - if you are currently generating traffic, you dont want to miss this opportunity to turn web traffic into currency. Internet Service from iTat2 covers US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands - You may not be in those areas but your website traffic is Global and can still generate revenue. Choose from our Highly effective Pop Under Ad or from 2 sizes of regular Banner Link Ads.

Partners outside the US are paid in US$ by International Money Orders.
Not available to sites hosted in or Payees in Iraq, Iran, Cuba and N Korea


To JOIN Partner Pay Program:
1. Click New Partner Signup

To LOGIN to Partner Interface:
1. Enter your Partner Username
2. Enter your Partner Password,
3. Select "LOGIN"
4. Press ENTER.

To MODIFY your user profile:
1. Enter your Partner Username.
2. Enter your Partner Password.
3. Select "MODIFY USER"
4. Press ENTER.

1. Type your email address in Username,
3. Press ENTER.

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